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Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Wraps



Q. What is a vehicle wrap?


A. A wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. Wraps allow you to customize the look of your vehicle for multiple reasons such as fleet branding or advertising. The wrap can later be removed without damage to restore the vehicle back to original condition.


Q. How much does a wrap cost?


A. Every vehicle & application is different, so price is determined by multiple factors. We can design anything from simple lettering to a full wrap with a budget in mind. Please contact us directly if you’d like to start a project and are interested in a quote.


Q.  Whats the difference between a partial & full wrap, and what do you mean by ‘lettering’?


A. Anything less than full coverage of a vehicle is considered a partial wrap. A half wrap usually includes the back half of a vehicle sometimes includes lettering on windows. Typically, a full wrap includes the entire surface of the vehicle being covered with vinyl where almost no original color of the vehicle can be seen. “Lettering” is used to describe projects where the customer would only like to add information on top of the original color of the vehicle. This is common among service vehicles. Lettering is a low cost option for businesses looking to customize a fleet of vehicles, or someone looking to test the water of vehicle advertising without spending a lot upfront.





Q. What is involved in a vehicle wrap?


A. Wraps of all scales are put together through three main phases. The first is design which includes gathering accurate measurements for the vehicle and working with the client to compose a stylized look for the project. The second phase is production. This is when our team prints your design and then laminates the print to protect the vinyl from scratches and UV rays that can cause fading over time. The third phase is installation where our team applies the vinyl to your vehicle.


Q.  How long will the wrap stay on my vehicle?


A. Normally a wrap can last from one to five years. The wrap life is determined by how well the film is cared for and type of film used.


Q. How do I take care of my vinyl wrap?


A. Proper care starts with keeping a clean surface on the vehicle, so frequent hand washing to eliminate dirt and grim is necessary if you want to keep your wrap from being stain or damaged. We recommend you use non-abrasive clothes and a mild alcohol free cleaner to clean the surface.


Q. How long will it take to wrap my vehicle?


A. Depending on the size of the vehicle and the surface area covered will determine the amount of time it takes to wrap the vehicle. We pride ourselves on taking our time to make you look your best - if you are working on a strict time line just let us know when you can drop off/pick up your vehicle and we will schedule around both of our calendars to make it work for everyone.


Q. If my wrap is damaged, can it  be fixed?


A. Yes. You can normally have pieces replaced if you find there has been damage to any of the wrap. Usually you do not need to redo an entire wrap if the damage is limited to a certain area.


Q. Can you change information after the wrap has been placed?


A. We can update your phone numbers, websites, logo, or graphics if you happen to change any information. Just contact us and let us know what changes need to be made.


Q. Can you wrap windows?


A. Yes. We can use a special perforated vinyl has tiny holes that allow you to see through from the interior of the vehicle, the visibility is similar to regular window tint.